Online Legal Services


Our Online Legal Support service is available to the general public.

It was designed to better serve our already existing clients as well as to make legal support easily accessible to the general public without the need of booking a formal consultation with us.

We understand the various challenges that people may face both physical and financial which may make it impossible for them to book a formal consultation. We created this system that is unique to Ayesha Karim Attorneys in an attempt to provide immediate assistance when it’s required.


Take advantage of our vast knowledge and experience, our specialty includes but is not limited to:

1).  Maintenance

2).  Access to minor children

3).  Domestic Violence

For more information on this service and details of payments and procedures feel free to contact us and send through your supporting documents for further assistance.

Connect with us via Telephone, Email, WhatsApp or even just leave a message on this site. We are extremely responsive and tech savy.

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